A. Bellve
I was born in the last gasp of the seventies at the very edge of a small Pennsylvania town, the youngest of six children. I was drawing as early as I can remember -- maybe earlier.

By the mid eighties, it was already apparent that I wasn't going to fit in well with the other kids. Like generations of little outsiders before me, I found my place in the drawings I made -- fueled by cartoons, comic books, skateboard graphics and graffiti.

Throughout school, if I was sitting still, I was staring blankly out the window into a daydream or trying to look busy when I was actually hard at work filling the margins of my pages with drawings. Soon those drawings spilled out over the margins and took over the pages, then the covers, the desk, and my arms until I found myself drawing on every surface I could get my hands on -- especially the ones I wasn't supposed to.

In what seems like a natural progression, I was drawn to tattooing -- before its recent rise in popularity. I've been earning my living as a tattooer for the past eleven years while continuing to make art on paper all the while.

I work primarily with pen, ink and liquid watercolor while exploring other media including graphite, print and oils.